What Does "Duty of Care" Mean for Slip and Fall Claims in Ontario?

What Does "Duty of Care" Mean for Slip and Fall Claims in Ontario?

What Does “Duty of Care” Mean for Slip And Fall Claims In Ontario?

Deciding who is liable after a slip-and-fall injury can be a confusing time for the injured party and the property/business owner. While the Occupiers’ Liability Act outlines these details, we know that having professional personal injury lawyers explain what duty of care means for slip-and-fall victims can help them feel more at ease.

If you are confused as to what duty of care is and how this can influence your claim, you’ve come to the right place. Ristich Law is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need for making a slip-and-fall injury claim.

In today’s blog, we explain what duty of care is and how this influences slip and fall cases, the benefits of hiring a slip and fall lawyer, and where you can find them.

Duty of Care & How It Relates to Slip and Fall Cases

Duty of care refers to an occupiers’ obligation to provide care to all people entering premises, ensuring that they are safe when doing so.

This can refer to business owners who have a duty of care to their patrons, employees and suppliers while they are on site. The occupier’s duty of care is enshrined in Ontario law, known as the Occupiers’ Liability Act.

Within this act, the occupier refers to a person (or corporate entity) who owns the premises and/or is responsible for the condition and acts that are carried out when people enter the premises. Premises can also refer to buildings, and transport settings such as vehicles, trains, ships and boats.

Under this section, the law dictates that the occupier ensures that the premises are free of danger and does not facilitate an environment that deliberately inflicts harm to visitors.

So, how does this relate to slip-and-fall cases? Well, slip-and-fall cases and duty of care are primarily linked by a slip-and-fall victim who feels as if the occupier did not take note of the duty of care they have toward their visitors.

For example, this can refer to a business that fails to place signage that brings attention to a wet or unsafe floor, as this may cause injury. Another example of the occupier not taking note of duty of care is when an occupier has deliberately facilitated a hazardous environment with the intent to cause harm to visitors on their premises or where an owner has failed in their duty to maintain “sweep logs” to ensure their premises remains safe for everyone.

The Benefits of Hiring a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Hiring a slip and fall lawyer has many benefits to a victim’s case and can help them secure adequate compensation after their accident. To help you decide whether you should hire a lawyer, we have compiled this guide on some notable benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim:


Slip-and-fall cases can be distressing for the victim, especially if the injury has caused significant damage or has had life-altering effects; because of this, this may make it harder for claimants to settle issues with the occupier, and naturally, victims and occupiers will be operating in aid of their own biases.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer ensures that an objective party with no prior biases toward either the occupier or victim can assess the situation and bring their wealth of experience to the case. They can help victims remain calm and focused on their targets, whilst maintaining a professional and measured approach to the case.

They Can Help You Receive the Correct Medical Attention

Personal injury lawyers may be able to help victims seek the appropriate medical care after their injury. They can also help you include medical costs of rehabilitation to your case to help you receive full compensation.

Personal injury lawyers may have links or key contacts of prominent medical professionals or facilities that can provide you with further information after your injury.

They Can Negotiate and Liaise on Your Behalf

As we’ve mentioned, injuries can be traumatic and serious injuries are likely to require a significant amount of time to rest and recover. During this time, a personal injury lawyer can liaise and negotiate on your behalf, giving you more time to recover emotionally and physically.

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