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Chronic Pain as a medical condition continues to evolve and our understanding of Chronic Pain continues to improve. Medical professionals acknowledge that pain which continues for six months or more, is said to be “chronic”. This type of pain can continue even after an injury that caused it has healed. Pain signals remain active in the nervous system for weeks, months, or many cases, years.

Chronic pain can be triggered by an accident or after an acute injury related to a car accident or slip and fall.

Chronic pain results in significant pain, disturbed sleep, and fatigue. It can affect a person’s ability to work, affect their social lives, as well as their activities of daily living. Chronic pain can also incite alcohol or drug abuse resulting in breakdowns in both marital family relationships.

People suffering from chronic pain often feel alone, impacting their quality of life severely. Approximately 25% of all people who develop chronic pain also experience significant depression or anxiety. In these cases, you would need to be guided toward the right medical professionals that will take a multidisciplinary approach to help with your Chronic Pain.

It is our job at Ristich Law, to manage your claim for Chronic Pain, so that you can remove that concern from your life and work on your recovery.

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