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Have you been injured or are suffering from an illness that means you can no longer work?
A long-term disability can be brought on by a chronic illness, or by an accident. Whatever the reason is, you may find yourself unable to work, thus losing income. In certain situations, injured or sick employees have access to a Long Term Disability policy, either through their employer or one they have purchased on their own.
Typically, a person will have to wait to apply for Long Term Disability Benefits through an “elimination period”, which can be anywhere from 15 weeks to 26 weeks. During this time, you might have access to short term disability benefits or Employment Insurance benefits.
After the “elimination period” ends, an employee will have to meet a test of disability. This test involves proving that you can no longer do your job for the first two years of your disability. This test becomes more stringent later on as you have to prove that you can no longer do any job after an accident or illness.
Your long-term disability insurance company might insist that you apply for CPP Disability Benefits too. We can help! All of this may sound very confusing because it is very confusing.
Let us help you with your claim for Long Term Disability Benefits.
The insurance company has hundreds of employees who are specially trained to try to deny you your LTD benefits. Let us help you fight back and get you the benefits that you deserve. Getting in contact with a long-term disability lawyer can help you to understand your situation and your options better.

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Here at Ristich Law, our team can help you get the benefits that you deserve. If you’re looking for a long-term disability lawyer in Etobicoke, then look no further than Ristich Law. We can provide you with professional and expert legal advice on your long-term disability claim.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Term Disability Benefits

Below you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Long Term Disability benefits. If you have any specific concerns or questions about your LTD claim or have been denied LTD benefits, please reach out to Ristich Law today.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Collect Long Term Disability Benefits?

The length of time you have to wait to collect long-term disability benefits can vary depending on the policy you have, as time is needed to evaluate your claim and a mandatory waiting period has to be completed. You will need to have been off work for a period of at least several months to qualify for these benefits and the waiting period (usually termed the ‘elimination period’), may range from 90 – 180 days.

Why Was My LTD Claim Denied?

Unfortunately, insurance companies may deny you or cancel your long-term disability benefits from time to time. There are many reasons why this may have happened and usually, a simple solution can be found for this problem.

Common reasons for a LTD claim denial include misrepresentations on your application (such as not declaring a preexisting condition), surveillance evidence that contradicts your claim, missing the deadline for application, and not being examined by insurance company-approved doctors.

Can I Still Work While Collecting Long Term Disability Benefits?

Whether and how much you can work while collecting long-term disability varies depending on the kind of policy you have. An ‘Own Occupation’ policy allows you to work more so than an ‘Any Occupation’ policy. Under an ‘Own Occupation’ policy, you are limited to receiving up to 70% of your pre-disability wages before you no longer qualify for LTD. Any Occupation policies differ in that the more you work, the more your LTD reduces.

Can You Be Terminated While on LTD In Canada?

Under Ontario law, anyone on LTD cannot be fired, however, if you are unable to work then your contract may remain unfulfilled, or what is termed ‘frustrated.’ An employer may be able to prove that a disabled person is unlikely to return to work, though they will need medical evidence and professional opinions for this.

Is Long Term Disability Taxable?

Whether LTD is taxable depends on who pays your disability premium. If you pay it entirely yourself, then your long-term disability benefits are tax-free, but if your employer pays any or all of your disability premium, your benefits may be subject to taxation.

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