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I’ve been in an accident, what do I do now?

Of course, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention right away. Even if you think you are feeling fine, it is best to be assessed by a medical professional to ensure you get the proper diagnosis for your injuries.

You will also have to be sure to report the accident. If the police did not attend at the scene of the accident, ensure that you attend at the nearest collision reporting centre to make a report. Be sure to take down all of the information down that you can including any witness information, the contact information for the other party as well as their insurance information, their vehicle information and contact information. If you have a functional phone or camera, take as many pictures of both vehicles and the surroundings.

Be sure that you’ve reported the accident to your own insurance company. There are many forms that need to be completed and there are usually time limits involved so it is important to get those documents done correctly and in a timely manner.

If you have fallen, you should contact us at Ristich Law immediately so that we can complete the appropriate investigations in a timely manner. In certain cases, such as Municipal Negligence Cases (slip and falls on municipal property)

Contact us at Ristich Law as soon as possible so we can discuss your claim with you in detail!

How much will it cost for me to pursue a case?

Your fees will be discussed at your initial meeting with us. Please remember there is no fee for your initial consultation with us at Ristich Law. If, at the end of the meeting, you decide to retain Ristich Law, you will be provided with a retainer that clearly sets out the fees for your case.

We completely understand that following a serious injury or illness it is difficult for our clients and/or their family members to pay for claims upfront. So, we typically operate on a Contingency Fee Agreement wherein our clients only pay us once they’ve received payment and they’ve received a settlement or judgement.

If you’ve been injured please do not hesitate to schedule a free initial consultation.

If I was at fault for the accident, am I still able to make a claim?

First, even though you feel as though the accident may be your fault, you should consult with a lawyer at Ristich Law so that they can undertake a complete investigation regarding how your accident happened!

Secondly, in Ontario, even if you are at fault for the car accident, you still have access to accident benefits through your own insurance company! These benefits may include income replacement, medical rehabilitation, attendant care and more!

If you are unsure about whether or not you were at fault for an accident, or if you qualify for any benefits, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation.

Where are you located? What if I am too injured to come to your office for an initial consultation?

Our office is located at 200-5353 Dundas Street West in Etobicoke, Ontario. We provide legal services to clients all across Ontario. If you have been injured in an accident and are unable to make it to our office to meet with us, we are happy to schedule an in-home meeting! We will come to you, no matter where you are! Just call us to set up an appointment!

How much money will I get?

At Ristich Law we are often asked the question, how much money will I get at the end of my case? This question is difficult to answer without a full consultation and review of the necessary documents. Many factors go into the answer such as: the severity of your injuries and whether or not they are permanent, whether your injuries limit your activities of daily living including your employment and income. A full analysis of your medical records and a discussion of how your day-to-day life has been affected by an accident is all needed before making a determination as to how much your claim may be worth. Finally, it is important to determine whether or not there are any liability issues surrounding your accident.

It is best to contact us at Ristich Law if you have questions about any aspect of your claim!

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