Personal Injury Lawyers

Whether you have been the victim of an injury or an accident, you may feel you are entitled to claim compensation for loss of income, pain, and suffering. Working with a personal injury lawyer can help to make sure your claim is heard and taken seriously.

A personal injury law firm specializes in a range of different services, all designed to get you the compensation you deserve. For a personal injury law firm Mississauga residents can trust, look no further than Ristich Law.

To find out more about the services that our personal injury lawyer team at Ristich Law can provide, keep reading.

Injury Services We Provide

All injuries and accidents are different which is why Ristich Law provides so many different services. Take a look
at our service summaries below for more information.

Long Term Disability Lawyer Services In Mississauga

Whether you have suffered an accident or you’re chronically ill, a long-term disability can affect your ability to work. Most employees will be entitled to Long Term Disability Benefits through their employer, but the road to this compensation can be tricky.
You will find yourself having to prove that your disability affects your ability to work long-term in any role and even then, insurers can try to deny you your benefits.
If you are suffering from a long-term disability that has affected your ability to work, take a look at the Long Term Disability Lawyers Services on the Ristich Law website today and get expert legal advice from this personal injury law office.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Services In Mississauga

Written into every automobile insurance policy is a Statutory Accident Benefit (SABs) clause that entitles injured parties to mandatory accident benefits. These benefits are meant to cover loss of income as a result of injury and to pay for medical expenses and rehabilitation.
If you think you’re entitled to this kind of compensation and are looking for personal injury lawyers, Mississauga residents can put their trust in Ristich Law to help get them the compensation they deserve.
Motor vehicle accident compensation doesn’t just stop with SABs though. After an accident, you may want to make a Tort Claim. This kind of claim is advanced against the person who was at fault because unlike with SABs, fault matters in Tort Claims.
A Tort Claim has to meet two thresholds. The first is the Serious Injury Threshold which will determine whether an injured person is entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. The other is a statutory deductible of $38,818.97, which is deducted from your compensation by insurance companies.
The personal injury lawyer team at Ristich Law will be able to help you determine whether your claim meets these two thresholds before pursuing it.
To find out more about these claims with Ristich Law, check out the Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Services page.

Psychological Injury Lawyer Services In Mississauga

Psychological injuries can include everything from post-traumatic stress to anxiety to depression and all can have a serious impact on your life. These kinds of invisible injuries can change the way you move through life and affect your income too.

If you have suffered a psychological injury and feel entitled to compensation, the Ristich Law personal injury law firm can help you out. Take a look at the Psychological Injury Lawyer Services page to find out more today

Slip & Fall Lawyer Services In Mississauga

Slips and falls happen everywhere. They’re incredibly common and can affect people of all ages and abilities, though they usually affect the most vulnerable in our society. A slip or fall can be embarrassing, but it can also lead to serious consequences for your physical health.

Recovery from a slip or fall may require surgery and rehabilitation that leads to loss of income and medical expenses. Compensation for a slip or fall can be difficult to claim but with the help of a personal injury law office, Mississauga residents can get the money they deserve.

Ristich Law offers Slip and Fall Lawyer Services that can help you out.

Severe Orthopedic Injury Lawyer Services In Mississauga

A severe orthopedic injury can affect your ability to move, including prevention from bending, twisting, and walking. This kind of injury can impact your life in many ways, stopping you from partaking in leisure activities, being able to work, and being able to do household chores.

For professional legal advice on orthopedic injury claims, take a look at the Severe Orthopedic Injury Lawyer Services page on the Ristich Law website and find out how our trusted personal injury law firm can help you.

Chronic Pain Lawyer Services In Mississauga

Chronic pain can be debilitating. It can stop you from enjoying your life, it can stop you from working, and it can lead to health problems later down the line. Chronic pain may be the result of an injury or accident and you may feel you’re entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering.

Looking for personal injury lawyers? Mississauga residents can get expert legal advice from Ristich Law. Find more information on the Chronic Pain Lawyer Services page today.

Wrongful Death Lawyer Services In Mississaug

Grief can be difficult to process, but it is made worse if your loved one was lost in an incident that was preventable. Dealing with a preventable loss can cause untold suffering and you may find you are entitled to compensation for this.

Ristich Law provides Wrongful Death Lawyer Services to Mississauga residents and can help you to get the compensation that you deserve during this painful time.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Services In Mississauga

All spinal cord injuries are different but they can have a huge impact on your life. From reducing your mobility to limiting your ability to walk to resulting in complete paralysis, spinal cord injuries can dramatically transform the way you live your life.

Suffering from a spinal cord injury can change your perspective and you may feel entitled to compensation. If you’re looking to make a claim, Ristich Law can help you. Find legal advice on the Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Services page today.

Brain Injury Lawyer Services In Mississauga

Brain injuries can leave you with a variety of symptoms ranging from headaches and dizziness to psychiatric changes and seizures. Suffering a traumatic brain injury can significantly impact your life, and for that, you deserve compensation.

If you’re looking to make a claim for a brain injury you have suffered, why not check out the Brain Injury Lawyer Services page on the Ristich Law site and get in contact today.

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