The 4 Common Accident Injuries A Pedestrian Can Suffer

The 4 Common Accident Injuries A Pedestrian Can Suffer

The 4 Common Accident Injuries A Pedestrian Can Suffer

Pedestrians are vulnerable to accidents and injuries when crossing or if they are nearby roads. Many collisions result in life-changing and painful injuries for victims that cause physical and emotional distress. Pedestrians should be able to feel safe while in their neighbourhoods, and drivers should take caution to keep everyone safe.

When the worst happens, and if you or a loved one is struck by a car, the injury can have life-long consequences. If you’re in this position, you may need a personal injury lawyer in Toronto to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Below, we’ve detailed some of the most common pedestrian injuries that can happen in road traffic accidents.

Head Trauma Or Brain Injury

Head trauma and brain injuries are common pedestrian injuries. This is mainly because a sudden collision with a car gives victims very little time to move out of harm’s way. The sudden impact against the skull can lead to damage to the brain as well as to the surrounding bone.

Brain injuries occur because of the impact of the brain against the skull but may also occur if the skull is broken and penetrates the brain tissue too.

Head trauma and brain injuries can have long-term consequences. They can lead to disabilities, frequent seizures, and even death. They also have a catastrophic physical and emotional impact on victims.

If you’ve been the victim of a pedestrian accident that resulted in head trauma or a brain injury, a personal injury lawyer in Toronto can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are very dangerous. They can occur during pedestrian accidents and may not be noticed immediately; indeed, the symptoms may not be noticed until sometime after the accident.

There are many different kinds of internal injury, including:

● Broken ribs – This can be caused by a sudden impact to the chest, which is common in pedestrian incidents.

● Collapsed lungs – Usually, as a consequence of broken ribs, a punctured lung can lead to limited air supply and lung function.

● Internal bleeding – The weight of a vehicle can crush a pedestrian, leading to internal bleeding. This can cause long-term organ damage and can even be fatal.

Broken Bones

Suffering broken bones is another common injury that one can suffer in a pedestrian accident. All the bones in the body are vulnerable to breakages, and the damage can be long-lasting.

Breaks and fractures are common because of the external force during a collision; sometimes, severe breaks may require surgery. A broken bone’s long-term effects could change someone’s life, depending on the severity.

Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to broken bones during incidents.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Another type of injury that pedestrians could face in an accident are spinal cord injuries. Damage to the spinal cord can have catastrophic consequences and, depending on where the damage is done, can lead to paralysis. These kinds of injuries have massive implications for victims.

Victims of spinal cord injuries can need lots of rehabilitation and may experience both losses of income and enjoyment of life.

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