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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) usually results from an impact or jolt to the head or body. The impact need not be a catastrophic event, in order for a person to suffer a TBI.

Ristich Law has extensive experience in assisting people who have suffered from mild, moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries. While no two injuries are the same, survivors of traumatic brain injuries often face lifelong challenges when learning to cope with permanent changes to their lives. These changes can range from headaches, confusion, memory loss and dizziness to seizures and psychiatric changes.

In some cases, head injuries may not be apparent and are not always accompanied with loss of consciousness. We will carefully review your medical records and make sure you get the proper care and diagnosis from the appropriate medical professionals dealing with traumatic brain injuries.

Often, traumatic brain injuries make it difficult for the injured to concentrate and focus and the result can be difficulties in performing your activities of daily living. This can include simple housework or even your job.

At Ristich Law, we fight to obtain compensation for the enormous burden and costs associated with your long-term needs for medical care, rehabilitation, attendant care and home renovations. We will pursue full compensation for your loss of income, loss of housekeeping and home maintenance sufficiency, pain and suffering and the detriment to your family members.