Injured on Public Transit in Toronto? You Can Make a Claim

Injured on Public Transit in Toronto? You Can Make a Claim

Injured on Public Transit in Toronto? You Can Make a Claim

With more than 500 million riders yearly and 2 million riders during weekdays, TTC has the third largest ridership in North America. This means accidents involving Toronto’s public transport system are unfortunately nothing new.

If you have been injured in a public transit accident in Toronto, you should know that you may be able to make a personal injury claim. While this might seem daunting taking on a large transit provider like the TTC, that should not stop you from getting the compensation you deserve to move forward with your life.

Read on to learn everything about public transit accidents in Toronto and how to seek compensation:

Understanding Accidents on Toronto’s Transit System

According to the TTC CEO report, the transit system records one passenger-related injury per one million passenger boardings. This report suggests that there are less than three passenger injuries recorded on weekdays.

Toronto’s transit system reports close to 10 accidents involving buses and streetcars. The most common cause of vehicle accidents is negligence. Below, we look at the types of accidents in Toronto’s transit system.

Types of Accidents on Toronto’s Transit

There are several ways you can get injured on public transit. Some of the most common types of accidents include:

1. Accident Involving TTC Driver

You may suffer mild, severe or fatal injuries after being hit by a TTC driver who was driving improperly. The accident may involve your car and the TTC vehicle.

In this case, you may be eligible for different types of benefits. This will depend on the severity of your injury and your accident injury claim.

2. Accident Involving a TTC Passenger

A TTC user may be liable for the injuries you experienced in Toronto’s public transit system. For instance, a passenger causing commotion in a TTC vehicle may make it difficult for the driver to focus and increase the chances of an accident.

3. Slip and Fall Accident

When you slip or trip and get injured on Toronto’s public transit system, you may pursue a personal injury case. The strength of your slip and fall case may depend on documentary evidence such as photographs and eyewitness statements.

4. Defective Transit Station Equipment

Defective, unsafe, or dangerous TTC equipment may pose a significant risk to your safety when using Toronto’s transit system. If your injury is a result of defective equipment, you may have a compelling case for compensation. It is TTC’s responsibility to ensure that the transit system is safe to use all day, every day.

Causes for Transit Accidents

Common causes of TTC-related accidents include bus company negligence, driver negligence, bad roads, and weather conditions. Negligence on the side of the bus company may involve failure to install or repair safety equipment on their buses. Inadequate driver training and poor vehicle maintenance are also instances of bus company negligence.

Driver negligence may be in the form of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The driver may also be liable for your injuries if they were overtaking other vehicles recklessly or using their mobile phone.

Though they rarely cause accidents, bad roads and weather conditions may make it difficult for transit vehicles to maneuver. These conditions may increase the chances of a crash when a driver is driving at high speed or not focusing on the road.

How to Claim for a Public Transit Accident

In Toronto, the limitation period for public transport accident claims is two years. However, this is different with the TTC, which requires a written notice of your claim within 10 days of the accident. This is a much tighter limitation than other personal injury claims, especially if you are still recovering from your accident.

Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Toronto immediately after being involved in a TTC-related accident to help you get full compensation for your injuries. They will be able to manage your claim, including notifying the TTC, while you are able to focus on recovering.

Depending on your injuries, the compensation may include non-earner benefits, income replacement, rehabilitation benefits, and medical benefits.

Your personal injury lawyer might help you pursue a tort claim if your injuries occurred due to TTC’s negligence. The evidence must strongly show the severity of your injuries and TTC’s negligent practices.

When to Hire a Lawyer for Public Transport Claims

You will likely need substantial proof that the TTC company is liable for your injuries to make a successful claim. This is where hiring a personal injury lawyer is highly recommended, ideally within days of the accident. Your lawyer will help you negotiate accident claims and settlements. With experienced legal support, you will have much stronger chances of settling the medical costs and suffering brought by the accident.

It is quite stressful to pursue a bus accident claim by yourself. The process requires someone with excellent negotiation skills and extensive background knowledge of personal injury law.

With a lawyer’s help, you will get insights into the statutes of limitations that apply to your case. You will also get advice on the special exceptions for the limitations and whether your case qualifies for one.

While filing the lawsuit on your behalf, your personal injury lawyer will develop evidence-based arguments that will demonstrate the other party’s negligence or fault. They will also act as your legal representative if the case needs to be taken to court (litigation).

Acquiring Evidence for Your Case

Though a personal injury lawsuit may not seem necessary, it does convince organizations like the TTC that you are very serious about your incident. It also offers you strong leverage that is needed when negotiating fair compensation.

Your personal injury lawyer will help obtain the relevant evidence to back up your public transport injury claim. Pieces of evidence may include lost wage and employment information and medical records and bills. The evidence-gathering process may also involve gathering witness statements and police reports.

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