How To Prevent Slips, Trips, And Falls In The Wintertime

How To Prevent Slips, Trips, And Falls In The Wintertime

The wintertime presents so many hazards for us all. From car accidents to slipping on ice, we all tend to be a little more cautious as the temperatures drop. However, many don’t consider that wintertime slips, trips, and falls can present complex legal challenges, especially if businesses don’t take proper care to ensure that their clients or customers are safe at all times.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways that we can reduce our chances of slipping and falling this winter season. To find out how to prevent this, keep reading.

Don’t Rush, Leave Early

The best way to avoid tripping, slipping, and falling this winter is not to rush. The faster you go, the less stable you’ll be on your feet. The same goes for travelling too quickly in vehicles.

Slippery conditions, wet surfaces, and ice will reduce your stopping distances, meaning you’ll be more likely to get into an accident if you’re driving too quickly, so slow down a little and give yourself extra time for your journeys.

Shovel Your Driveway and Put Salt On Your Property

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for inclement weather is to put salt on your driveway and on your property. Ice and snow make for dangerous driving and walking conditions, so preventing your driveway from freezing is a must! Salt disrupts bonds between water molecules by dissolving into separate sodium and chloride ions when it comes into contact with snow and ice.

This will stop any ice from forming and snow from settling, preventing slippery conditions. This means you’ll be able to pull out of your driveway safely. You should also salt any walkways around your home, such as your porch, and step down to your driveway to avoid serious injury to your back.

Wear the Correct Footwear

The shoes that you choose to wear while you walk around will make a big difference to your stability in slippery conditions. You should try to wear suitable sneakers with heavy treads for extra grip on any slippery surfaces.

You should wear these on your commute to work and avoid wearing shoes without suitable straps or soles. If you have to wear work shoes that lack grip, try to change your shoes when you enter your work building and avoid wearing them outside.

Use Slippery Floor Signs Around Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you should take extra care to put up signage around your business that instructs visitors to take extra care while they walk around. Employers are legally responsible for taking precautions to protect visitors and to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition, so preventative action is critical.

Plan Ahead

If you’re informed that heavy rainfall, snow, or icy conditions are likely in the days ahead, try to plan your journey or make arrangements to avoid leaving your house, such as by working from home or refraining from walking in unsafe conditions.

Planning ahead will ensure you’re not rushing around, which can increase the likelihood of slips, trips, and falls, and will allow you to find alternative routes that aren’t as hazardous.

Don’t Try to Carry Too Many Items

While it may sound strange to keep your hands free when you’re walking to reduce slips, trips, and falls, the position of your arms plays a significant role in your balance and stability.

When your arms are full of items, especially if they’re heavy, your balance will be off, increasing your chances of falling over. Having your arms or hands full will also prevent you from stabilizing or protecting yourself when you hit the ground, resulting in more severe injury.

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