How to Claim If You Fall Over on Snow & Ice

How to Claim If You Fall Over on Snow & Ice in Toronto
Though the winter gives Canadians the opportunity to carry out their favourite winter sports and seasonal activities, it can also make our day-to-day lives more hazardous. Slipping on ice or snow is no exception to that, with hundreds of people suffering from damaging slip and fall injuries that can severely affect their quality of life as they try to recover.

So, how can Canadians get the compensation they deserve if they are injured on snow or ice due to someone else’s negligence? In today’s post, Ristich Law guides you through the steps needed to make a success slip and fall claim in Toronto. Learn more below!

1. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Near You

Without a doubt, the first port of call with any accident is a personal injury lawyer. Time after time, many people fail in securing the compensation they deserve for their injury because they tried to go about it alone. Not only does a personal injury lawyer bring their many years of specialist knowledge when it comes to claims, but they also understand how to best represent you and your case.

That being said, finding a personal injury lawyer in Toronto can be an overwhelming task, with many potential options out there for you to consider. To help make your search easier and to increase your chances of a successful claim, opt for a lawyer or law firm that specializes in personal injury law and offers a tailored legal experience. At Ristich Law for example, our personal injury lawyers across Toronto and Etobicoke bring over 25 years of experience and make sure your personal injury claim is handled uniquely to your specific situation.

2. Collect Evidence for Your Slip & Fall Injury

Once you partner up with a personal injury lawyer, you can start the process of making a slip and fall claim. Making any sort of personal injury claim is not an easy task, and you need to be prepared with as much proof and preparation beforehand. How much preparation and evidence has been collected will likely play an important factor in whether you will be successfully compensated for your claim.

Collecting your evidence and documents might seem daunting, but your lawyer will make all the difference in getting this done the right way for you. They will help decide what documentation is needed and how it should be presented. When finding evidence for a slip and fall on snow or ice claim, you should consider information such as:

  • Witness statements from others in the area, especially those who saw where you fell.
  • Photos from the day of the incident that would show weather conditions.
  • Video or CCTV footage of your fall.Ambulance reports if emergency services were called.
  • Medical reports that diagnose and examine your slip and fall injury.
  • Weather records to demonstrate the icy outdoor conditions.

In many cases, you may not be able to collect all this information, so try to retrieve as much as possible. Your personal injury lawyer will help decide what is relevant and sufficient for a successful case.

3. Prepare for a Resolution on Your Slip & Fall Claim

Once your documents have been prepared and the defendant has been notified, you can proceed with the claim.

It is important to recognize who your claim is against. If you fell on the sidewalk outside your condo building for example, you might assume you can only sue the City or the property management. However, you may need to sue more than one party if they are found to both be at full or partial fault for your injury. Once again, these nuances illustrate just how important a personal injury lawyer is as they will be able to structure your claim and target the responsible parties for you.

It is worth noting that most property managers and landowners, particularly in large cities such as Toronto, are supported by insurance companies. They will try to dismiss your claim and your lawyer will respond accordingly to fight for your claim. At this point, some insurance companies might accept your claim and may opt to settle the claim with full or partial compensation.

Many people choose to accept their claim at this point, which is why there is a notable number of personal injury claims that are settled without being taken to court. If either you or the defendants involved do not accept settlements, your claim can be taken to court. This opens the next stage of your claim where your personal injury lawyer will continue to fight for you and your compensation.

As you might be able to tell, no personal injury claim ever unfolds the same way, which is why it is highly important you select a personal injury lawyer who offers a legal experience tailored to you and your case.

Get the Compensation You Deserve with our Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto & Etobicoke

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