Can I File a Claim for An Injury at A Swimming Pool?

Can I File a Claim for An Injury at A Swimming Pool?

Can I File A Claim For An Injury At A Swimming Pool?

Staying safe at a swimming pool is very important, especially if you want to avoid injuries that affect your physical and emotional state in the long term. With private pools, the lack of surveillance and regular maintenance could also increase your risk of injury, so you must stay vigilant.

In the case of a swimming pool injury, you may be able to file a claim to gain compensation. Continue reading to determine whether personal injury claims are acceptable for swimming pool accidents in Canada.

The Most Common Accidents Related To Swimming Pools

There are various injuries related to accidents at a swimming pool, and learning about them can help you determine if you need to file a claim with a personal injury lawyer.

Swimming Pool Slip & Falls

The most common swimming pool injury is falling over due to slippery areas. If you land the wrong way, the fall may cause physical injuries such as head trauma or broken bones. Exterior walkways around the pool should be kept clear at all times, with people walking instead of running.

Slipping and falling accidents usually receive the most claims because serious injuries often require surgery or rehabilitation.

Pool Entrapment

Entrapment, either from powerful suction filters in the pool or inflatable toys, can be very dangerous. Getting stuck underneath the water for too long increases the risk of drowning or inflamed lungs that cause severe pain.

Pool entrapment can induce physical injury if your hair or limbs get caught in the filter, but it can also cause psychological injury. The fear of a near drowning experience may manifest depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, meaning people will file a claim due to their long-term psychological impairments.

Diving Board And Pool Slide Accidents

Diving boards and pool slides that are placed at shallow depths can encourage injuries such as broken bones, concussion and paralysis from spinal cord damage. These pool structures should only be used for a water depth of 7.5 to 9 feet minimum. Broken or malfunctioning boards and slides can also enable people to claim a swimming pool injury.

When Should You File A Claim For A Swimming Pool Accident?

In Ontario, you must claim for an injury at a swimming pool within two years. The Limitations Act states that any claims filed after the two-year cut off will be rejected, meaning your claim cannot go through the court system.

Choosing Ristich Law as your personal injury lawyer ensures you file the claim in time to receive medical expenses and other compensation from the injury. Our team can help you and the insurance company achieve the best outcome while you’re recovering.

Types Of Swimming Pool Claims Lawyers Can Help You With

Personal injury lawyers will evaluate the accident occurred in a private or public pool. This assessment can help them take the correct legal action while guiding your claim through court. Whether you’re seeking advice for a loved one or claiming an injury for yourself, it’s important to understand what accidents our lawyers can assist you with.

A Lack Of Supervision Around The Pool

Insufficient supervision in a large public swimming pool can present a liability claim. As a pool owner, you’re responsible for everyone’s safety, but public property owners must have lifeguards in place to monitor present swimmers.

The Ontario Occupiers’ Liability Act states that larger public pools should have professional lifeguards with a strict rotational timetable. Without this supervision, injury and even death could occur.

Defective Or Damaged Diving Boards And Slides

Damaged equipment can also increase the risk of injury. Broken diving boards may lead to physical injuries that cause long-term chronic pain, while slides with damage cause cuts and scrapes to your legs.

Swimming pool owners must check this equipment to ensure they’re in safe condition before use. Failure to do so can encourage people to claim against the owner, regardless of whether the pool is public or private.

Negligence From Other People In The Pool

When swimming in a public pool, it’s not just the equipment or wet walkways that cause accidents. Other swimmers can pose a risk to other people, whether that’s from jumping into the pool when it’s too busy or not being aware of their surroundings. Colliding with another person can lead to physical injuries that affect the brain, spine or lower body from falling over.

Not Enough Safety Protocols In Place

Public swimming pools have more reason for safety measures and equipment, as there are more people that could sustain injury. Standard safety protocols include signs for slippery areas, accessible pool ladders and pointers that signal swimmers when they’re entering deeper depths.

Without these safety measures, people may accidentally cause harm to themselves by falling over or experiencing near drowning. Even for private pools, the owner should still implement these protocols for their guests.

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We believe that every victim of an injury should focus on their recovery without worrying about insurance and legal terms. Ristich Law manages the complicated business so you can heal and be with your family.

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