Am I Entitled to Long Term Disability (LTD) Benefits for My Psychological Health Problems?

Am I Entitled to Long Term Disability (LTD) Benefits for My Psychological Health Problems

Am I Entitled to LTD Benefits for My Psychological Health Problems?

Living with a mental health condition can be debilitating, and people who suffer from mental health conditions may need to take time away from work to cope. In these situations, many people question whether they can claim long-term disability for their psychological health problems.

In this article, we’re going to look at whether or not people with mental health conditions are entitled to LTD benefits, what kind of conditions are covered, and how these benefits are calculated. Keep reading to learn more.

Am I Entitled To LTD Benefits?

Yes, in Canada you can claim long-term disability benefits for a diagnosed mental health condition. To be approved for LTD benefits, you will have to prove your diagnosis and provide evidence that you cannot continue in your current occupation because of the condition.

It is important to note, however, that in some instances insurance companies exclude certain mental health conditions from their policies. A skilled LTD lawyer can assist you in reviewing your policy to ensure that your condition is covered by your LTD insurance company. This is why it is critical that you seek the help of a personal injury lawyer in Etobicoke to help you make a claim when the time comes.

What Kind of Psychological Health Problems Can LTD Cover?

Though not all insurance companies will offer coverage for mental health conditions, there are many that do. If you are unable to return to work because of your mental health, you may require the help of a long-term disability lawyer in Etobicoke to help you get the benefits you deserve.

Below, we have listed some of the mental health conditions that are covered by long-term disability insurance providers:

● Major depressive disorder
● Anxiety
● Various Somatic Disorders
● Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
● Schizophrenia
● Bipolar disorder
● Anorexia or bulimia
● Obsessive-compulsive disorder

These mental health conditions need to be properly diagnosed but are most often covered by LTD polices when they interfere with a person’s ability to return to work. The severity of your symptoms may be assessed to decide whether you are entitled to LTD coverage or not.

How Are LTD Benefits for Psychological Health Problems Calculated?

LTD benefit claims for psychological conditions are calculated in the same way as LTD benefits for physical conditions. The amount you are paid can vary from insurer to insurer, but most people receive between 60 and 70% of their monthly income from LTD benefits per month. The terms of how your LTD payment will be calculated should also be set out in your LTD policy and something that your lawyer from Ristich Law can assist you with.

Keep in mind, your LTD benefits can also be affected by any other benefits you are receiving, like CPP Disability.

What Are The Qualifications Needed In Order To Receive LTD Benefits For Psychological Health Problems?

As with LTD claims for physical conditions, claims for psychological conditions require medical evidence showing that your psychological injuries are preventing you from working. This means you will need proof of your diagnosis as well as proof that you can no longer perform your duties in your current occupation.

It is recommended that you keep your own records, as well as those you have with your doctor, to show medications you have tried as well as your daily moods to ensure that the insurer has all of the information.

Proving that a mental health condition is causing you to not be able to work can be difficult. The process may be overwhelming and take up lots of time which is why we recommend finding a personal injury lawyer in Etobicoke to help you along the way.

How Long Do I Have To Apply For LTD Benefits For Psychological Health Problems?

Long-term disability requires you to wait for an ‘elimination period’ to be over before you can apply. In most policies, this is usually between 13 and 26 weeks. During this time you may access short-term disability benefits if they are available to you or in the alternative, you might be eligible for Employment Insurance Disability benefits.

As this is a long waiting period, we suggest getting on with your application sooner rather than later. If you can prove that you haven’t been able to do your job because of mental illness, then you can start a claim for LTD due to mental health conditions.

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